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16 Weeks Post Op

16 Weeks Post Op

16 Weeks Post Op. It’s pretty crazy to look back at the past 4 months of my recovery from ACL reconstructive surgery and see just how far i’ve come. I feel like I say this in every road to recovery post but it’s true. At 16 weeks post op I am allowed to start jumping and I am finishing up my Return to Run program. I am officially running for 30+ minutes straight and ran my first 5k on the treadmill last weekend. As for my fitness routine, I continuing to go to spin classes, yoga classes and do general strength training at PT and at the gym. I do feel general fatigue after standing or walking around for too long, but other than that I am not too limited in life.

Physical Therapy:

  • Agility ladder- Forward, back, side to side, diagonal, etc
  • Hops over line- Forward and back, Side to Side
  • Single Leg Squats to 14″ Box- 30 reps both legs
  • Goblet Squats- 30 Reps
  • Foam Roll vs Wall- 3 reps of 45 second holds, Both legs
  • Wall Sits- 3 reps of 45 second holds
  • Mountain Climbers- 3 reps of 45 seconds
  • Side Lunges- 30 Reps
  • Plank Holds- 3 reps of 30 second holds
  • Balancing Exercises on AirX pad
  • Curtsy Squats- 30 Reps, Both Legs

My last doctor appointment was this past week and he is very happy with my progress and recovery. I am prescribed for another 6 weeks of PT but that will hopefully be my last appointment with my doctor. In another 2 months I will be cleared to get back to everything I want to get back to. I need to continue to strengthen my quad and build muscle to diminish the 3cm circumference difference between both legs. The atrophy of the surgical leg is still a concept i’m getting used to.. 4 months later.

I hope that my recovery will continue to progress and in another 6 weeks I will be off on my own from PT. This journey has tested me in various ways and has helped to teach me to slow down and listen to my body. Overdoing it with exercise was a consistent habit of mine pre-injury so i’ve worked hard to adjust my habits and not over do it.

Namaste friends.

Week 12 Post Op

Week 12 Post Op

Friends. We’ve made it. Week 12 Post Op. It’s pretty incredible to look back on the past 12 weeks and see how much progress I have made in only 3 months. I’ve gone from not being able to walk without a crutch or brace to being able to take SoulCycle to getting back on the treadmill. The human body is pretty cool. The past 3-4 weeks have been a “danger zone” for my new ACL and i’ve had to remain cautious during this time as my new ACL was very weak during this time period. My physical therapist explained that my new ACL was transforming from the Patellar Tendon that it was into a ligament. PT has been a great workout the past week and it leaves me pretty tired after the hour long session. I will still be in PT 2x per week until the end of July and then I will be going down to 1x per week.

Physical Therapy:

  • Elliptical- 5 minutes to warm up
  • Single Leg Squats- 30 each leg
  • Double Leg Squats on the Bosu- 30 reps
  • Inchworms- 3 laps
  • High to Low Boats- 30 reps
  • Walking Lunges- 3 laps
  • Lateral Lunges- 30 reps each leg
  • Mountain Climbers- 3 reps of 45 seconds
  • Foam Roll vs The wall- 3 reps of 45 second holds, Both Legs
  • Step Ups- 18″, 30 reps each leg
  • Curtsey Lunges- Using TRX for support, 30 reps each leg
  • Exercise Ball Plank to Hip Hike Up- 30 Reps
  • Single Leg balance with Weight- 30 reps
  • Goblet Squat- 15 pounds, 30 reps

Outside of PT I am staying very active by going to yoga classes at Core Power Yoga. I was only taking HPF (Hot Power Fusion) which is a set sequence class and once I felt strong enough I graduated to my favorite class C2 which is the level 2 vinyasa flow class. I take about 3 yoga classes per week. I also fit in a few spin classes at studios around Chicago. I usually take 1 Soul Cycle class per week, 1 FlyWheel class on the weekend (which leaves me BEYOND sweaty as you can see in photo below) and then another class at the gym or the new studio in the West Loop, CycleX.

I’ve added swimming into my regular workout regimen and I’ve found that swimming is a good way to spend 30 minutes exercising that won’t leave me completely exhausted. I start triathlon training in a few weeks but for now I am focusing on my Return to Run Program. This program has 3 workouts per week and builds the amount of running time on the treadmill form 30 seconds and adds 30 seconds to each run rep every exercise day. I started yesterday with 5 reps of 30 second runs and then walking for 4.5 minutes in between. It tests my patience but that seems the be the theme of ACL Recovery all together.

In 4 weeks I am going back the doctor for another check up. I also can start jumping at 16 weeks post op. This road to recovery is long but only gets better every week. I’m beyond grateful that I have made it to 12 weeks post op and can focus on the next stage of my recovery.


9 Weeks Post Op

9 Weeks Post Op

Well it’s been 9 weeks post op from ACL Reconstruction Surgery. This week I have been focused on getting better flexion (bending) in my knee. My measurement as of last week was 130 degrees and my physical therapist challenged me to a flexion of 140-143 degrees by the start of Week 9. I successfully made it to 140 degrees. I’ve started back at Core Power Yoga doing Hot Power Fusion classes. Between PT twice per week, Yoga, and spin classes… I am beyond busy getting my knee back to pre-op strength.

Physical Therapy:

  • Heel slides on table with stretching strap- 30 reps
  • Hamstring Stretches- All directions, 30 seconds each direction
  • Inchworms- Walk hands out to plank then walk feet behind hands- 3 laps up and back
  • Single Leg Sit to Stand- Both legs, 30 reps
  • Balancing Knee to Opposite Elbow- 30 reps while standing on Airex pad
  • Squats to 16″ Block- 30 Reps
  • TKE- Total Knee Extensions with resistance band- 30 reps
  • Step Ups to 14″- 30 reps each leg
  • Side Step Downs- 30 reps
  • Front Step Downs- 30 reps
  • Wall Sits- 3 reps of 30 second holds
  • Walking Lunges- 3 laps up and back
  • Stationary Lunges- 30 reps, each leg

PT hasn’t changed too much this week, but we did add lunges and frontal step downs. These exercises are prepping my knee to be able to run in 3 weeks!! I’m getting pretty antsy to go out for a run because the weather has been so nice lately. Next week I am cleared to use clipless pedals and shoes which means I can officially go back to SoulCycle and FlyWheel classes! I am also entering the time period where my new ACL is transforming from a tendon to a ligament, so I have to be extra careful.

I hope you all enjoy your Memorial Day weekend. Chris and I will be celebrating our 1 Year Anniversary on Sunday! This past year of marriage has flow by even with the hiccup of my ACL tear in February.


Intentions for 2017

Intentions for 2017

I like to keep an Evernote of my goals/intentions for each year. I then go back and reflect on what I have accomplished and maintained of these intentions and goals during the end of the year. An example of a few from 2016:

  • Seriously consider Yoga Teacher Training. Well I took this a bit further and signed up and completed yoga teacher training at Core Power. So check.
  • Improve patience. Well this is going to be an intention every year for the rest of my life. It’s something that won’t be checked off my list because I will never master patience. It’s an intention.
  • Get married. Check.
  • Go meatless 1-2 times per week. Check, but again this is a goal and an intention. I will continue to add this to my yearly list.

For 2017 I wanted to focus on a few things: Yoga, Personal goals and Personal intentions.

For Yoga I broke my intentions and goals into two catagories: Yoga as a teacher/blogger and my personal yoga practice. A few goals and intentions are below:

  • Practice almost daily (5-6+ times per week).
  • Begin a meditation practice
  • Land a job teaching at a studio (preferably CPY once I finish Extensions in February).
  • Master handstand (I’M SO CLOSE)
  • Begin offering private lessons in person and via this blog.
  • Take competition out of my yoga practice

As you can see my intentions and goals are very straightforward but also involve much more work than is shown on the surface. To master a handstand I need to continue to build upper body and core strength to assist my balance. I need to practice.

A few examples of my personal intentions for 2017:

  • Continue to work on/improve patience.
  • Utilize breathing into stressful and frustrating situations. Nothing in life is that big of a deal to get irrationally mad about.
  • Eat and cook mindfully. I’ve started to ask myself the question of “should I really be eating this” or “what will eating this fulfill?” before eating certain foods such as snacks and random items at the office and at home. I find that I am less bloated and turn down more chocolate and junk food more often because of it.

Personal Goals for 2017:

  • Finish the Chicago Marathon and beat my PR by any amount. I don’t care if it is milliseconds or minutes. I just want to beat my PR and finish the race.
  • Learn new recipes and cooking techniques. I’ve started using Blue Apron a few times a month and already I can see that I am learning and incorporating new ingredients into my cooking.
  • Take my blog to the next level. I want to transform this blog as previously discussed in the yoga section. It is my hope to make this a yoga and healthy living blog for everyone. It’s going to take a lot of work, effort and time but I feel it will be 100% worth it.

As 2016 comes to a close I encourage everyone to make a list of goals and intentions for 2017. It’s so interesting to reflect on the previous year and see how much you’ve actually accomplished.

Happy New Years everyone!

20 Mile Run Prep


Here I am after my last half marathon in August 2014:


It’s crazy to think about the fact that I am this far into training… I am running 20 miles today. This seems like an insanely amount of miles to run and let me tell you…it sort of is. I always have family and friends ask me questions about this long LONG run, and I’d like to share some of the answers I have to these questions.

Q. How do you run 20 miles?

A: I just keep going. I like to plan my route ahead of time and memorize markers to help the run go faster. Example: When I get to the Shedd Aquarium i’ve hit mile 3, when I hit Fullerton I’ve gotten to mile 7. Also, music. Lots of music.

Q: Don’t you get hungry?

A: YES. I bring 2 packets of Clif Shot Blocks with me to refuel and give my body much needed electrolytes. Otherwise, I rely on my pre-run meal to carry me through the 2 hours 45 minutes.

Q: How do you fuel for this?

A: I eat a carb heavy-ish meal the night before. These are always “good” carbs such as sweet potatoes, wheat pasta etc. I really just want to make sure I continue to eat healthy but also up my calorie intake for the few days before the long run. Also, I drink A LOT of water the week of my long run.

Q: What do you eat before you go for the run?

A: For every race (I like to treat my 20 miler as a race) I eat 2 slices of peanut butter wheat toast topped with sliced bananas. I also eat the rest of the banana and have a Clif bar as well. I also drink A LOT of water. And a cup of coffee.

Q: Are you crazy? 20 miles is a long way to run.

A: Mildly yes. I’ve also trained for this for the past 2.5 months, so I’ve gotten used to this amount of mileage and insanity.

The night before I like to lay out my clothes for the long run, as well as my shoes, watch, iphone arm band, headphones, Clif shot blocks and Clif bar, and headband.


This morning, I took off work because Chris and I are going up to the cabin for a long weekend. I was able to sleep in (sleeping past 7AM is sleeping in for me…so sad). I start my morning by eating Peanut Butter Toast with sliced bananas, A cup of Coffee, the rest of the banana, and then more water. While I get ready for my run I eat a Clif bar. This will give me 20-30 minutes to let my food settle and then off I go!