ACL Road to Recovery

ACL Road to Recovery

Friends, Followers, Fellow Injur-ees looking for inspiration and community,

I would like to share my new journey to share with you all. An extremely unexpected life event happened almost two weeks ago. I tore my ACL while skiing out in Utah. The dreaded “pop” sound/feeling every athlete dreads happened to me. It wasn’t painful, but it was devestating. I am up and walking around very well and do not require crutches. My ego is bruised but otherwise I am pretty healthy. Just lacking a fully functioning ACL.

In a week and a half, I am slated to go into surgery. The past two weeks I have worked my butt off in a way I didn’t know was possible just to prepare for this surgery. As soon as I felt that dreaded “pop”, I was forced to immediately give up running, fast flowing vinyasa yoga, bootcamp/sculpt classes, and my new found love of boxing classes. I went through about an hour long crying/sobbing uncontrollably about how awful this was and how terrible my life will be. My husband sat patiently next to me holding my hand and once I started to calm down he reminded me that I am a tough woman and a torn ACL will not hold me back. I will be as psychotically active as I can be and that rehab will be my new passion for a few months. The most important thing he reminded me of is that I can do this. Yes my life will change but I am fully capable to getting through this.

Here I am. 2 weeks post injury. In physical therapy or as I like to call it “prehab” twice per week and doing at home PT exercises 2 times per day every day. My current goals include: strengthening my quad, being able to balance on my right leg for over 30 seconds, and gain my full range of motion back. I’ve bought a spin bike and instead of running 4-5 times per week I am spinning and have taken on YouTube spin classes.After 45 minutes I am fully dripping with sweat and pushing myself to get stronger. I am motivated.

I recently read a quote on Pinterest which motivated me to share this journey with you all:

“It’s important that we share our experiences with other people. Your story will heal you and your story will heal somebody else. When you tell your story, you free yourself and give other people permission to acknowledge their story” Iyanla Vazant.

This is my story. My ACL road to recovery. I will get further into how I tore my ACL. How I am putting my health and new fitness level first, and how I will get back to where I want to be and then pass that level and get to a level I never knew I could be at.

Telling this story is just as much for me as it is for you. Being able to journal/blog my experiences is my way of coping with this injury. This is my recovery diary. I hope you all enjoy and learn from this. For those of you that are seeking solace from a fellow ACL tear patient- I know how devastated you feel. This will get better. We can do this. Never doubt yourself.


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  1. Laura Litchfield says:

    Hey there! I tore my ACL skiing as well. It happened to me on Feb 21. I just had surgery March 20th. The time waiting for the surgery was the worst for me because my knee was in pain and it gave out a couple times which made me so scared. Also I was scared of the surgery. I read a blog by Holly West, which helped me calm down prior to surgery. Now I am 5 days post opt and I’m doing well! I am able to get around with the help of a crutch. I also rented a ice/compression machine which I highly recommend! It helps with pain and swelling. Also I recommend a shower stool and a hand held shower faucet. Aside from just being a little bored all is well because I know I’m healing and my new ACL will be better or as good as the old one. Thinking of you and sending you positive vibes for your surgery and road to recovery!!

    • Stephanie says:

      Thank you so much. I am a few days behind you on the surgery schedule, and am 4 days post op. I hope you’re continuing to do well post-op.
      Thank you for the good vibes. Sending some your way for a continued speedy recovery.

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