9 Weeks Post Op

9 Weeks Post Op

Well it’s been 9 weeks post op from ACL Reconstruction Surgery. This week I have been focused on getting better flexion (bending) in my knee. My measurement as of last week was 130 degrees and my physical therapist challenged me to a flexion of 140-143 degrees by the start of Week 9. I successfully made it to 140 degrees. I’ve started back at Core Power Yoga doing Hot Power Fusion classes. Between PT twice per week, Yoga, and spin classes… I am beyond busy getting my knee back to pre-op strength.

Physical Therapy:

  • Heel slides on table with stretching strap- 30 reps
  • Hamstring Stretches- All directions, 30 seconds each direction
  • Inchworms- Walk hands out to plank then walk feet behind hands- 3 laps up and back
  • Single Leg Sit to Stand- Both legs, 30 reps
  • Balancing Knee to Opposite Elbow- 30 reps while standing on Airex pad
  • Squats to 16″ Block- 30 Reps
  • TKE- Total Knee Extensions with resistance band- 30 reps
  • Step Ups to 14″- 30 reps each leg
  • Side Step Downs- 30 reps
  • Front Step Downs- 30 reps
  • Wall Sits- 3 reps of 30 second holds
  • Walking Lunges- 3 laps up and back
  • Stationary Lunges- 30 reps, each leg

PT hasn’t changed too much this week, but we did add lunges and frontal step downs. These exercises are prepping my knee to be able to run in 3 weeks!! I’m getting pretty antsy to go out for a run because the weather has been so nice lately. Next week I am cleared to use clipless pedals and shoes which means I can officially go back to SoulCycle and FlyWheel classes! I am also entering the time period where my new ACL is transforming from a tendon to a ligament, so I have to be extra careful.

I hope you all enjoy your Memorial Day weekend. Chris and I will be celebrating our 1 Year Anniversary on Sunday! This past year of marriage has flow by even with the hiccup of my ACL tear in February.


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