16 Weeks Post Op

16 Weeks Post Op

16 Weeks Post Op. It’s pretty crazy to look back at the past 4 months of my recovery from ACL reconstructive surgery and see just how far i’ve come. I feel like I say this in every road to recovery post but it’s true. At 16 weeks post op I am allowed to start jumping and I am finishing up my Return to Run program. I am officially running for 30+ minutes straight and ran my first 5k on the treadmill last weekend. As for my fitness routine, I continuing to go to spin classes, yoga classes and do general strength training at PT and at the gym. I do feel general fatigue after standing or walking around for too long, but other than that I am not too limited in life.

Physical Therapy:

  • Agility ladder- Forward, back, side to side, diagonal, etc
  • Hops over line- Forward and back, Side to Side
  • Single Leg Squats to 14″ Box- 30 reps both legs
  • Goblet Squats- 30 Reps
  • Foam Roll vs Wall- 3 reps of 45 second holds, Both legs
  • Wall Sits- 3 reps of 45 second holds
  • Mountain Climbers- 3 reps of 45 seconds
  • Side Lunges- 30 Reps
  • Plank Holds- 3 reps of 30 second holds
  • Balancing Exercises on AirX pad
  • Curtsy Squats- 30 Reps, Both Legs

My last doctor appointment was this past week and he is very happy with my progress and recovery. I am prescribed for another 6 weeks of PT but that will hopefully be my last appointment with my doctor. In another 2 months I will be cleared to get back to everything I want to get back to. I need to continue to strengthen my quad and build muscle to diminish the 3cm circumference difference between both legs. The atrophy of the surgical leg is still a concept i’m getting used to.. 4 months later.

I hope that my recovery will continue to progress and in another 6 weeks I will be off on my own from PT. This journey has tested me in various ways and has helped to teach me to slow down and listen to my body. Overdoing it with exercise was a consistent habit of mine pre-injury so i’ve worked hard to adjust my habits and not over do it.

Namaste friends.

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  1. Kyla says:

    Thank you for this blog. I just had ACL/meniscus repair surgery yesterday. So I’m sitting here on the couch with my ice and feeling encouraged after reading through all your posts regarding your ACL journey. I plan to blog my journey as well to hopefully help others. Thanks again!

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