1 Week Post Op

1 Week Post Op

As exciting as the past week has been, I wanted to give a recap of my first week with my new ACL. You can read about how the first few days post op went for me at Days 1-3 Post Op , but for more general information here is my recap of 1 Week Post Op .

Pain: Pain varied due to the pain medicine I was on. The first day is wasn’t bad but then day 2 the pain got much worse, due to local numbing medicine wearing off, and then with a lot of sleep the pain depreciated. Sleeping is still slightly uncomfortable and painful, but that is to be expected when being forced to sleep with a brace and ice machine on.

Exercises: I am doing daily exercises 3 times per day. I use the CamoPed machine which is a manual machine that moves my legs and helps to bend my knee. I use this machine 4 times per day for about 10 minutes per session. It isn’t really painful but is a large and heavy machine, so the process of getting out of bed and over to the machine is the biggest pain I have with this.

  • PT exercises:
    • Heel/Calf Pumps. 15 reps, but I do these often throughout the day to keep blood flowing in my lower leg and avoid a blood clot
    • Quad Sets . 15 reps and a hold of 2 seconds for each rep. I showed an example in my PreHab article. Involves engaging your quad to press the back of your knee to the ground.
    • Leg Raises. 15 reps. Single leg raises into the air while laying down on your back/
    • Heel Slides. 15. These are the bane of my existence. I loathe these because they’re difficult and very uncomfortable. See photo below.

Day to Day: I am in bed for most of the day, working, napping, and enjoying all that Netflix and Bravo have to offer. I have been getting up and on my crutches to use the restroom, and at night when my husband gets home to spend a few hours in the living room. I needed a change of scenery, so I love my few hours in the living room in the evenings. I even made a quick dinner last night because I’ve missed cooking so much. Crutches are still necessary, but I am able to bear weight on my repaired leg. This makes me feel slightly more in control of my current situation.

For anyone needing advice of how to survive your first week. Here is a list of necessities that I recommend:

  • Small snacks next to your bed. I needed to eat with my pain medication, so a stack of saltines has been a life saver.
  • Books, Magazines, Kindle etc. You will need to stop staring at your phone/iPad and these will be very helpful.
  • Small garbage bag/basket.
  • Set up your bed/couch/sleeping area before you go into surgery. When you get home you will be in no state to be searching for pillows to prop up your leg.
  • Shower seat. Necessary. 100%.

This upcoming week I am going to the doctor to remove my stitches and then immediately after that I am going to Physical Therapy. These two appointments will dictate how the rest of my week will be spent. I will be starting PT 3 times per week for a few weeks to work on the basics. From what my PT has told me, the first few weeks will be difficult and boring. After spending 10 days in bed, I’m not sure it could get much more boring than this.

It’s crazy to believe that I’m already 1 week down. My doctor is aiming for me to be running at week 12, so knowing that I’m 1 week closer to that is encouraging. I look forward to another week of getting better, stronger and closer to my next goals.



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